Refinance Your Investment

Let Borrower First do the heavy lifting and negotiate with lenders to secure a great deal for you.

Why Refinance With Borrower First?

“I hated having to refinance over and over, and with Borrower First, I’m glad my search was over.”

– Kerren is a set-and-forget person. 

Hear it from Kerren, one of our clients, who explains how refinancing investment property loans with Borrower First helped her multiply her profits.

Owning an investment property seemed out of reach, the process incredibly daunting. But within a few years, Kerren realized her dream. 

The debt concerned her, so after considering her options, she secured a wholesale rate saving her over $18,000 in interest in the first year. 

She had three other loans set at interest only for almost 5 years. So the first change we made was to help her move to principal + interest loans. 

With financial security and a good mortgage buffer for emergencies, both of her properties became self-sufficient. The whole package of refinancing investment property loans for great interest rates translated to massive savings over the years.


Avg. Repayment Time Saved Per $100,000 = 4 Years*


Variable Home Loan Rate


Comparison Rate


Variable Investment Rate


Comparison Rate
Money Saved
Time Saved
Years, Months
Pay Off
Money Saved
Interest on Loan
Loan Amount

Why should you refinance
your investment property?

Increase your return on Investment (ROI)

The most valuable benefit of refinancing to a lower interest rate, is a significant reduction in the most significant expenses you have, your mortgage repayments.

Potential tax benefits

While we don't provide tax advice, reducing your interest helps increase your capacity to hold more good debt. This, in turn, can help you pay down your home loan faster and free up equity to grow your investment property portfolio exponentially. The credit advice we are licensed to provide will help your accountant increase your net take-home pay, which will also impact the net rate you pay on your home loan.

Growing your portfolio

When you refinance your investment property, you indirectly grow your property portfolio. You can release equity and lower your rates at the same time.
As you may have guessed, there is a lot more that you don’t know you don’t know, so let us show you how to grow your portfolio.

We put You first

It's challenging to juggle life post-COVID, and making a decision can be quite confronting in the face of so much choice and noise. But how do you trust an employee paid to sell products or commission-only brokers with your long-term financial well-being? Would they go over and above to negotiate a better deal for you if it didn't affect what they earned? You can access wholesale rates exclusively through Borrower First on products, as we do not earn $1 from the funder, we put you first.

Do you know what you need? Here's the Criteria to refinance an
Investment loan

Firstly appreciate that every product and funder is different. Some require more documentation than others. However, here is what you will need:

80% is best for refinances, purchases 90% of the property market value

To be an Australian resident with a 100pt ID.

To have been employed for over a year or have been self-employed for over two.

Your current loan should be more than 4 months old.

A clear credit file. This will help secure the best rates.

Don't worry if you can't meet all of that. sometimes we can work around the above criteria, so it’s worth having a chat.

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