Refinance Your Home Loan
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Refinance Your Home Loan

Staying with your current lender could be costing you money.

It’s time to let us get you a better deal to reduce your home loan.

The best company to refinance your home loan - Borrower First?

Why should you work with Borrower First

Refinancing a home loan essentially means securing a new home loan from a different lender to pay off your current lender to get better rates, benefits, and savings. With the volatile economic conditions, rising prices, and never-ending demands of life, taking this step can help you sort out your financial challenges at every stage. Many clients use the unlocked home loan refinance saving funds for investment in other properties as well as boosting their wealth.

Sanford and Soniya saved over $100,000 in their repayments after refinancing their home loan with Borrower First.

When interest rates were around 3.5%, Borrower First was able to negotiate less than 1%.

Soniya agreed that while working with mortgage brokers only offered different mortgage options, having Borrower First as a personal finance strategist helped them understand their personal needs and to know how secure their future was. Saved from the hidden trailing commissions, they could pay their home loan before retirement without any major cutbacks in their lifestyle.

...I think getting an interest rate of less than 1% is any borrower’s dream.

— Soniya

Simply put, strategically refinancing home loans can take YEARS off your mortgage period in the long run and help you own your home sooner. Unlike other home refinance companies, we are transparent about securing lower interest rates for you. We show you the wide range of mortgage products available in the market to reduce home loans and leverage our experience to choose the one offering you the most savings.



Your home loan will be with you for a while (default 30yrs). So refinancing is not a decision to be taken without a thorough understanding of the refinancing process, which most home refinance companies do not honestly reveal to borrowers. So if you ask what makes us the best company to refinance your home loan? It’s our highly structured process that is designed to work for clients such as you.



No two scenarios are the same, and having done hundreds of loans, we want to get to know you and what you really want so we can work out the best options for you.



Unlike other home refinance companies, we work for YOU, not the banks. We negotiate better rates to save you time, stress and hard-earned money.



While you are in charge and choose the lender, we take care of the paperwork so you can focus on what’s really important.


Yearly Repositioning

Finance is a vehicle to get you to the destination of your choice. We guide you so you can enjoy the journey, knowing that we’re by your side and we’ve got your back.



More than Mortgage Brokers
We're licenced, fully insured, and accredited experts. Ex-bankers, and investment advisors who love real estate, this makes us the best company to help you refinance your home loan.
Personal Finance Strategy
As your Personal Finance Strategist, we tailor our discussions and deliver a financial structure to help you safely navigate the financial requirements of life while reducing your home loans as much as possible.
Born to Negotiate For You
We negotiate interest rates and give you exclusive access to wholesale rates from award-winning Australian-based funders.
We have the know-how
As ex-bankers, financial planners and property investors, we give you access to know-how that gives you an advantage over other mortgage owners.
We Work For You
As your Personal Finance Strategist, mortgage broking is just a small part of what we do. We offer Independent Credit and Property Advice to help you take charge of your future.
Focused on reducing debt
We are always looking for ways to help you pay off your debt sooner. Whether it is consolidating, restructuring or refinancing, guiding you to a debt-free retirement is our priority.


Your loan-to-value ratio is 80% of the market value of the property for refinance and 90% for purchase.
You should be an Australian resident with a 100pt ID.
You have been employed for over a year or self-employed for over 2yrs.
Your current home loan is over 4 months
You should have a clear credit file.
We can sometimes work around some of the above criteria, so it’s worth having a chat.

What’s In It For You?

Why not explore some of the other great tools available using our market technology to support you on your home buying or refinance journey.

Borrowing Power

Understand how much home, not just loan, you can actually afford.

Property Reports

Get valuable property or suburb insights before buying or refinancing.

Credit Score & Report

Better understand, monitor leverage, and protect your credit profile.

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