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Kerren Saved 5 Years & $18,000/yr
While Kerren wanted to own an investment property, she had three other loans that were set interest only for almost 5 years. So the first change we made is to help her move to principal + interest loans.
With financial security and a good mortgage buffer for emergencies, both of her properties became self-sufficient. With the whole package of refinancing investment and home loans for great interest rates, she saved $18000 in the first year itself, which translated to massive savings over the years.
“I hated having to refinance over and over, and with Borrower First, I’m glad my search was over.”
Sanford and Soniya saved over $100,000 in their repayments after refinancing their home loan.
They were paying interest of above 3%. With Borrower First, they had to pay less than 1%. Soniya agreed that while working with mortgage brokers only offered different mortgage options, having a personal refinance strategist helped them understand their personal needs and know how secure their future was. Saved from the hidden trailing commissions, they could pay their home loan before retirement without any major cutbacks in their lifestyle.
“Kiran’s a really good person to work with. He would really sort your finances out. And I think getting an interest rate of less than 1% is any borrower’s dream.”
Eddie is debt free in retirement and is living his dream!
Retired and living happily in Darwin, Eddie had acquired a fairly good super fund from working in the railways. Willing to secure his retirement with a good investment, Eddie went to AMP bank for advice. Somewhere along the line, he realized they had advised him wrongly, and that’s when he met Borrower First.
While things were always abstract at the big bank, Borrower First coached him openly and helped him get the best product available then.
Eddie now lives free, in a place now where the weather is good and suits his metabolism, and he is quite happy with his financial situation.
“It was a bit of a risk that I took with my loan, and I took that leap of faith with Kiran, and I came out victorious on the other side.” – Eddie
Rob The Gas Man Saved $40,000 In The First Year!
When Rob, owner of The Gas Man Company, was looking to consolidate his debt, Borrower First figured out a way to help him save about 2.5% on his interest rates, which was a significant amount considering their loans. The freed-up cash after refinancing their debt was a great relief for him, his wife and his business. At the end of it all, we helped Rob save almost $40,000 in his loan repayments in the first year! Rob said that with this newly gained financial freedom, for the first time in a long time, they were looking to book an overseas holiday that they had put off for a long while.
“If you’re looking to refinance investment property or business debt, I definitely recommended Borrower First. They sit down, they listen to you, and look at the best way to refinance.”

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